Louisa Johnson

It's been a long road for Louisa Johnson since winning the X Factor in 2015... but it looks like she's finally getting to where she wants to be!

The singer, who has been one of the more successful winners, has just released her new single 'Yes' where he hear Louisa's new, more edgier sound for the first time.

Louisa told Total Access's Elliot Holman that this new sound is exactly who she is... and despite loving her other tunes, she feels more comfortable with her new music.

 Even describing hearing the new song for the first time as making her feel like a 'new women'.

She joined us on Total Access to chat breaking the mould of who she felt you need to be as an X Factor winner... which does not include dancing in your underwear on a boardroom table, but that's the new Louisa!

And, we would totally do the same if we were releasing the energetic 'Yes'!

Hear her chat with Elliot below and check out the video for Louisa's new single 'Yes'.